Dona Bell: Plump Round Peepers

February 1, 2012

in Massive Boob Pictures

Dona Bell tits

You have to try and wrap your head around this gal’s amazing pair of plump round peepers before you can understand her. Now that you have done just that you can dive right into her sexy, sultry and earth moving eyes. Those windows to the soul will make the room spin, but seeing her breasts sitting pretty on her chest will just add more gas to the already scorching fire. You can’t imagine what it would be like to bury your face between those two suckables, or maybe you can.

Dona Bell is one of those models that just slightly opens her mouth and reveals her sexual intentions. She wants to seduce you, drive you to the edge of madness and then slowly bring you back. Don’t forget that she has huge breasts that seem to call out for attention. Not that she would need to seek attention as she gets it by simply walking down the street.

She also has a nifty sex toy attached to the front of her vagina that she is controlling with one hand. maybe it is sucking on her clitoris or giving her a sweet massage. Either way she looks to be enjoying the toy, and if only we could be attached to her labia or fondling her huge hooters. Dig in for a long night once you see the rest of these succulent pictures.

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