Krystal Webb: Massive Fake Brown Gazongas

November 1, 2011

in Massive Boob Pictures

Krystal Webb tits

Rest your eyes for a second before placing them squarely on Krystal Webb and her giant knockers. She is one fine little babe who really enjoys sharing her ample bust with the world. She happens to be dressed in quite the seductive outfit that reveals her long caramel legs and gives us a taste of what is in store for us. Her maid like outfit is soon slinked out of to expose her true busty self. First off she wants to show her sweet ass cheeks, which you just want to squeeze and smack!

However, it’s not long before she has dropped her maidenly dress and has pulled down her rather large bra. She needs a big brassiere in order to hold in her fake brown gazongas. They are almost too round, and so perfectly caramelized that you would think they had been roasting in the sun. She is truly a sight to see, and thank goodness for the sexual openness of the girls from the much ballyhooed big boob mega website DDF Busty. They really do serve up some breast heaven.

At any rate, Krystal continues to dazzle us with her UK roots and her amazing good looks. She perches her hands on top of her big jugs and toys with our emotions as she does it. Aside from her stellar bust she also has quite an amazing body, without an ounce of fat on it. You could spend hours exploring her delicious body and never reach the end of it.

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